A teacher's new favorite correcting tool

Sentinel is a software that can detect AI usage in texts. It's purpose is to help university teachers and whoever needs to fight against AI cheating and also to make correction much easier and faster. The idea came after interviewing many education workers who said there was a real need but no solution to counter AI cheating. After gathering more information, we decided to take on this challenge. 

Fairer Grading

Our projet helps teachers with menial tasks related to correction and does them instantly

Faster Grading

Any suspicious text will be reported with a detailed analysis, giving everything needed for the grader to have good judgement

Workload Reducer

By combining all theses things, a teacher can find his workload greatly reduced and spend more energy teaching students

Testimonial 1

Natalia, University teacher

"The project is really interesting. It would offer a solution to a big problem that so far the education community has failed to address"

Testimonial 2

Jean-Paul, software developper

"I had my doubts at first, but after meeting the team and the passionate developers, I can affirm that I'm convinced by this project. This initiative will revolutionize the education system in a positive way!"

Let's make it better

If you want too, you can help us make this dream into reality even faster! More help can only make it better for our university students and teachers!